May 4, 2021

Learn About Butchering and Charcuterie with Matt Levere

Learn About Butchering and Charcuterie with Matt Levere

Matt Levere has been a butcher since 2009, after completing an apprenticeship at the University of Arizona Meat Science and Agricultural Lab in Tucson, Arizona. He spent 40 hours per week for six months learning not only how to slaughter animals humanely, but also how to utilize the whole carcass. ​Since then he’s worked in Arizona, Wyoming, Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, Massachusetts, England, and Italy, learning from the best chefs and butchers he could find.

Butchery has become a passion of Matt’s. ​Besides learning how to utilize the whole animal through new cutting techniques, he also enjoys curing meat and making charcuterie. He recently started a YouTube channel where he shows people how to make charcuterie at home. If you’re in the Washington D.C. area, Matt the Butcher meat products can be found at Vignola Gourmet Italian market in Rockville, Maryland.

We talk about how he got into butchery after realizing he wasn’t going to be a marine biologist like he’d originally hoped. You’ll hear stories about his job at an upscale resort, and his adventures in Europe. Find out how Covid led to him breaking down meat shares, starting his retail meat business, and launching a YouTube channel.


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