Aug. 17, 2022

How to Grow Your Personal Chef Business with Airbnb

How to Grow Your Personal Chef Business with Airbnb

This week I talk about how you can grow your personal chef business using vacation rental properties like Airbnb and VRBO. This has been where the majority of my business has been coming from for the past five years. 

I’ve talked about it as part of other podcast episodes but thought it warranted a standalone episode. If you want to make more money cooking as a personal chef or caterer, tune in to find out my top tips for acquiring more customers staying at rental properties. 

Do you have tips you’d like to share? Let me know. Connect with me on one of the platforms below. 


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Over the past 30 years, the world of the personal chef has grown in importance to fulfill those dining needs. While the pandemic certainly upended the restaurant experience, it allowed personal chefs to close that dining gap.  Central to all of that is the United States Personal Chef Association.

Representing nearly 1,000 chefs around the US and Canada.  USPCA provides a strategic backbone for those chefs that includes liability insurance, training, communications, certification, and more. It’s a reassurance to consumers that the chef coming into their home is prepared to offer them an experience with their meal. USPCA provides training to become a Personal Chef through our Preparatory Membership.  Looking to showcase your products or services to our chefs and their clients, partnership opportunities are available.
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