April 13, 2020

Distiller Mark Vierthaler of Tenth Ward Distilling Company

Distiller Mark Vierthaler of Tenth Ward Distilling Company

On this episode we have Mark A. Vierthaler. Mark is the head distiller at Tenth Ward Distilling Company in Frederick, Maryland. Some of the spirits they produce are a genever style gin, absinthe nouvelle, caraway rye, and a smoked corn whiskey. On this episode:

·         Support and collaboration within the craft spirits community

·         The history of absinthe and Maryland rye

·         An in-depth look at how the spirits world operates

The distillers and distilleries mentioned: Privateer Rum, Leopold Brothers, Few Spirits, Orchid Cellar Meadery & Winery, and McClintock Distilling.

Books Mentioned: Liquid Intelligence by Dave Arnold (and check out Dave’s podcast Cooking Issues), Neurogastronomy by Gordon Shepherd, and the popular favorite The Flavor Bible.




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