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June 1, 2021

Connecting Chefs and Corporate Clients - Learn About the HUNGRY Platform From Founder Eman Pahlavani

Connecting Chefs and Corporate Clients - Learn About the HUNGRY Platform From Founder Eman Pahlavani

On this week's podcast, I have Eman Pahlavani. He’s the founder and COO of HUNGRY, a digital platform that connects businesses with catering services provided by local chefs. The platform’s notable investors include Jay-Z, Kevin Hart, and a number of NFL stars. This past year they had to pivot, and began offering chef-made meals direct to consumers at their homes, as well as adding a virtual chef experience.

Over the past few years a lot of platforms like this have been popping up, so I wanted to get more details directly from Eman. Honestly, I’ve found that a lot of these platforms don’t actually seem to be beneficial to the chefs, which is why I’ve been skeptical about having an organization like this on the podcast. But, having done my research, it seems like hungry is a good option for chefs looking to expand their corporate catering business. That being said, I am not a user of their service, so do your own research. This was not a sponsored episode. I’m just hoping to provide value and information to the audience.  We also talk about business basics, and Eman explains why he thinks successful entrepreneurs should have a co-founder.

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Eman Pahlavani and HUNGRY


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Jay-Z Teams with NFL Stars and Kevin Hart to Invest in Hungry's $20 Million Series B - Forbes





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