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Aug. 23, 2021

25 Years of Victory Beer - A Discussion with Co-founder and Brewmaster Bill Covaleski

25 Years of Victory Beer - A Discussion with Co-founder and Brewmaster Bill Covaleski

This week, my guest is Bill Covaleski. He’s the brewmaster and co-founder of Victory Brewing Company. This year, Bill and co-founder Ron Barchet are celebrating 25 years of Victory.  As someone who has successfully built and run a business for 25 years, Bill drops a lot of knowledge, and I think it’s beneficial whether you are running your own business, or have employees that report to you.

Bill talks about how he got into brewing, and the decision to start a brewery with his best friend Ron Barchet. We talk about trends in the industry, discussing everything from beer styles, to seltzers and non-alcoholic beer. In 2016 Victory became part of Artisanal Brewing Ventures, which also includes Southern Tier Brewing and Sixpoint Brewery. I asked Bill about that decision, and if he worried about being considered a sellout for becoming part of “big beer”. 

Also, this week I’m doing something different. I wanted to work on some exclusive recipes using Victory beer. For this, I partnered with blogger Marilyn Johnson from the blog Philly Grub. 

The first recipe is scrapple tacos with an apple/fennel/celery slaw, and served with an aji panca salsa using Victory’s Prima Pils. The second recipe is Oktoberfest Beer Truffles, using Utz pretzels and Victory’s Festbier. Head over to to find these exclusive recipes.

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