Create an amazing website for your Castos podcast

This guide shows you how to set up a professional, gorgeous website for the podcast you host on Castos.

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Castos is empowering creators

With flexible and transparent pricing, Castos is offering podcasters the necessary tools to succeed in the podcast industry. All of their plans include unlimited podcasts, private podcasting, unlimited episodes, their mobile app, their simple podcasting Wordpress plugin, a personalize podcast webpage, and one-click migrations.

They ramp up to a more premium offering with private subscriptions and podcast editing services, with their starter plan beginning at $19/month and going all the way to their Castos Premium option at $499/month.

Castos is a robust resource for podcasting information and they really hone in on 4 core features, automatic transcription, analytics, podcast website builder, and republishing on YouTube, the world’s second largest search engine.

Why you should have a separate podcast website

It's critical for every podcast to have a real website. Having a website gives you a huge opportunity. Here are some of the benefits:

  • You should own your relationship with your listeners
  • Websites are universally accessible
  • Many new listeners start with Google
  • You should own the top spot on Google
  • Generate traffic with the best SEO for podcasts practices
  • If you own the top spot in Google, you’ll get more listeners through organic searches
  • You should control how you introduce your show
  • A website makes things simpler for your listeners
  • A website gives you a place to post transcripts
  • A website allows you to give listeners other ways to interact
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The problem is, most podcast hosts (not just Castos), don't provide a web experience that accomplishes even half of what's on the list above. Most hosts don't offer the necessary podcast SEO tips that help your show thrive.

What core features do you get with a better website?

Podpage makes it simple to take your Castos feed and use it to generate a fully functional podcast website in less than 5 minutes. In just a few clicks you will have:

  • A search engine optimized website that automatically stays up to date and has SEO for podcasts build in.
  • A customizable home page showing your latest episodes, player links, media players, and podcast reviews.
  • A dedicated page for every single episode showing show notes, a media player, show notes, and if you'd like, a transcript. New episode pages are created automatically.
  • An about page where you can describe what your podcast is about and a little about yourself.
  • A contact form so listeners can get in touch with you.
  • A way to ask listeners for their email address so you can form a direct connection with them.
  • Additional pages for donations, memberships, blog posts, e-commerce, and the ability to add any pages you want.

How to create a website in 5 minutes with no technical knowledge

Let's do this. You don't need a credit card, or to sign up for a trial, or create an account to see what your website could look like. Just go to the Podpage Preview tool and type in your podcast's name. Within a minute, you'll get a demo of your new website.

Try it! It's free!

Preview your Podcast Website

Not convinced? Check out some Castos best podcast websites

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