May 11, 2022

She Buildz Things

She Buildz Things

Angelina is the founder of She Buildz Things, LLC in Connecticut.  She Buildz Things is a female-owned and operated business.  Angelina was fascinated with construction at an early age, she convinced her landlord to let her renovate their apartment while she was in High School.  While at The Home Depot Angelina developed relationships with contractors and soon realized she could venture out on her own and She Buildz Things was born. 

We have three sponsors of today's episode Ron Thurston, Lenses Only and the Kreative Print Shop Ron is a seasoned retail executive who started his career on the frontlines, he's the author of Retail Pride and the founder of Take Pride Today, and a former guest on the podcast.

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The launching of my Ko-fi and Patreon page is me embracing my talents, this is me walking in my purpose, this is me taking the leap, acknowledging that what I'm doing is providing a valuable service for the audience, the guest and sponsors.  BTW Podcast is a business.  You can visit Derek Oxley to stay up today on current happenings with BTW Podcast, sign up for the Newsletter, check out the blog or order merchandise.

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