July 20, 2020

Dana Goldberg

Dana Goldberg

Ruth Jensen and I have been following each other online since 2018,  I can hear some of y'a'll saying, wait, what?  Who is Ruth Jensen and what does she have to do with Dana Goldberg?  And who is Dana Goldberg?  Well I'm glad you asked.  Ruth is the one who introduced to Dana, Dana is a comedian.  I reached out to Dana on a lark, to see if she'd be guest on the show and she agreed.  

Oh yeah I haven't mentioned my Ko-fi page.  The launching of my Ko-fi page is me embracing my talents, this is me walking in my purpose, this is me taking the leap, acknowledging that what I'm doing is providing a valuable service for the audience, the guest and the sponsors.  BTW Podcast is a business.

I took the leap 4years ago to drive for Uber/Lyft Full-time, so I could have the flexibility to devote to building BTW Podcast.  Ko-fi is platform that will allow entrepreneurs/business owners to sponsor an episode PRE, MID or POST roll, it also allows you to buy me a cup of coffee.

Thanks for accompanying my on this ride.  Leave a voicemail to let us know how were doing and receive a shout out in a future episode.

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