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I love strong women
I heard about this podcast from my mentor not only is he a runner but has strong women on the podcast to help inspire, empower and educate. I also love that it’s short and sweet to the point. I love the questions they are questions I would want to know.

A Clear Voice Speaking Truth
This is an awesome podcast which discusses a myriad of current issues from a diverse and inclusive perspective. The guests are informative. Keep doing what you are doing. It is needed at a time like this.

Awesome Podcast!
This podcast does a great job of touching on important topics for both runners and non-runners alike. The conversations are very engaging and have the perfect amount of humor.

Tic Tok
I listened recently listened to this podcast and found it to be very informative. I’m sorry to hear that the young lady who did the Tic Tok video lost her job offer.

Running sneakers on the ground.
Very informative, strongly opinionated, with just the right amount of funny. Derek consistently brings you to the pavement. And whether you sweat or not. You gon get this work.

Great Podcast
This podcast definitely touches on a lot of issues we face in our community. In a positive light. Great listen!!

Excellent Podcast
This is an amazing podcast filled with great information!!

Thank you
I can’t thank Derek enough for capturing my story and sharing it through his podcast. Shortly after sharing, I connected with a number of listeners who were dealing with a similar struggle, which allowed us to begin a dialogue. Derek shares important stories with the community and is on the something with this podcast. Thanks Derek! Kyle

This show is very fascinating. Very unique one-of-a-kind. No way you can hear this show and not get up and work on yourself. You want to develop mentally and turn it into something’s physical this is the place to be. Ps it gives great insight to what needed to be successful as a runner. I love the show.

Derek Oxley is really talented. Great guys telling their great stories.

Edutainment at its Best
The most informative and entertaining podcast out there with athletes from all walks of life. Derek is engaging, funny and an all around great person to listen to. He always has unique guest. Like, everyday people who are extraordinary in their own way. Definitely on my subscription and must-listen list!

Interview with Cheryl Donald
I truly enjoyed listening to this interview because it highlighted the difference between running as therapy and the need for therapy as a long term solution for mental health treatment. I was interested to hear this perspective because I am a runner too and it is often easy to "run my cares away" instead of being more proactive about resolving concerns that could lead to larger problems later. Mental health is something that is a taboo subject in the Black community at large and I think it is important for people such as Cheryl, also a runner, to bring awareness to a problem that is such a silent epidemic our community. I appreciate the variety of topics Derek addresses in his podcast! Entertaining but relevant!

The real lives of runners
Excellent podcast that gives you a unique glimpse into the real lives of runners and what motivates them to keep it moving! Always a pleasant surprise to hear the diversity of the running community...thanks for allowing me an opportunity to spread the word about Brooklyn Marriage & Family Therapy, PLLC and that "running isn't therapy, but can be therapeutic" ;-)

Awesome Show
Loving The show D keep it going!!!

Truth and Change
I think this podcast with Maurice is so powerful. Opening up about the struggles with substance abuse and his life. It’s not easy putting your life out in the open to share your story. It’s nothing pretty in the beginning. Turning the corner and discovering running as his new addiction. Listen, listen and learn to heal and love yourself and the people that love you. Fantastic podcast

Fun and engaging
Mr. Oxley is such a joy and hoot to listen to. Been a fan since his Facebook live days! Keep the great content coming!

Derek is extremely funny, entertaining, grounded, and his ears are glued to the heartbeat of the streets. I love how he showcases the running community, and current events alike. Subscribe to his podcast, and also check him out on Facebook; You won’t be disappointed!

Kylie Tried It!!!
The "Uncle Nigel" part had me on the floor 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 keep it going these are hilarious !!!

Content is intriguing
I’ve listened to a couple of episodes, the content is captivating and the interaction with the guest is interesting, I look forward to more episodes to come

Consistent Strong Work
D Ox (Derek Oxley) consistently puts out next level runutainment. The podcasts centers in running and other social issues. Moreover, he mixes in slick, dope beats and conscious rhymes. Add this podcast to your mix and you’ll be intrigued from start.

A whole lot of awesomeness
I just love his shows, very informative, great music and the interviews are always awesome, thanks for all that you do to bring the running community together!!!!

One to watch
Yo! he may be on to something I follow him on Facebook and IG he does these crazy skits and weekly race recaps and rants but, these interviews of ordinary people doing extraordinary things in community rocks!!