March 21, 2022

Ramon Peralta

Ramon Peralta

Ramon is the founder and Cheif Brand Officer at Peralta Design a company he founded in 2008 after getting laid off.  Since then, he’s helped many startup companies with creative branding and web development services including, TruOptik, R4 Technologies, Facial Flex, and to name a few.  

Ever heard of Most of the world has, thanks to those funny William Shatner commercials. Ramon served as Senior Art Director on the team that launched it back in 1998 when it was just an idea-turned startup.

We have three sponsors of today's episode Ron Thurston, Lenses Only and the Kreative Print Shop Ron is a seasoned retail executive who started his career on the frontlines, he's the author of Retail Pride and the founder of Take Pride Today, and a former guest on the podcast.

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