March 6, 2023

tina's pov

tina's pov
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three siblings

tina’s point of view

this episode is about tina's individual point of view as one of the three siblings. tina talks about the moments leading up to her parents' divorce. when the divorce was finalized, her father kept the company and her mother kept the house. tina expresses how difficult this was for her and her family. she reflects on the impact it had on her, her parents and her siblings. their mother had become increasingly lonely. she had a boyfriend, but due to the stigma of divorce in the chinese community, she was unable to discuss her mental health. her first suicide attempt was stopped by a cop, and she was hospitalized for a few days. however, her second suicide attempt occurred when the tina had left to go to work. they noticed her light was dimming and that she often didn't want to get out of bed. despite their efforts to get her help, their mother ultimately passed away.

trigger warning: this show discusses sensitive mental health topics.

episode timestamps

0:00:10 - the divorce of my parents

0:01:29 - their mother's mental health struggles and suicide attempts

0:03:31 - experiencing a loved one's depression

0:07:47 - final moments with a loved one

0:09:06 - the loss of a parent to suicide

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