join three siblings as they share their personal mental health journey and the lessons learned from surviving the loss of both parents. through their story, they openly discuss the impact of depression, suicide, and how they coped with the loss. with diverse backgrounds and experiences, each sibling has a unique story to tell. through their tears, heart-ache, and laughter, they hope to inspire and provide comfort to those who are struggling. this is three siblings, sharing their story of survival, hope, and love.

michele, the oldest, is a producer, singer, and dj. after years of experience working and modeling in the fashion industry, michele turned to a career in music. most recently, she went on tour in the us and released her first solo single. during the 2020 covid lockdown, michele found viral acclaim on her hobby project, @nookstreetmarket, from designing and creating outfits for players in the video game animal crossing, collaborating with coach, glossier, givenchy, and many more. today, michele lives in nyc and djs regularly while working on music.  

tina, the middle child, is a contemporary artist living in austin. she graduated with a film degree from the savannah college of art and design. on her spare time, tina enjoys cooking, traveling, and most importantly hanging out with her dogs ginger and enzo.

sunny, the youngest, has been working in the business industry since graduating. he earned his bachelor's degree in finance at the university of texas at austin. after graduating, sunny started working for google. he later moved to goldman sachs, but eventually went back to google where he currently works in austin. outside of work, sunny keeps an active lifestyle through boxing, marathon running, and world travel.