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I love it
their podcast is amazing, I listen to it whenever i’m bored lol. y’all should rlly watch it tbh

Open, honest and powerful
These 3 siblings - Tina, Michele and Sunny - help bring the topic of mental health out into the spotlight, shattering all stigmas and helping to create a safe space to openly talk about mental health issues. This podcast is equal parts raw, powerful and refreshing. As another ABC, I’m proud of this trio for being a voice for Asians and helping so many likeminded individuals connect and realize we are not alone. A must follow! (This podcast is also on other popular platforms too btw :)

I started listening today and I cant stop! I love the dynamics of the podcast and would recommend to anyone trying to start their podcast listening journey.

I love this podcast I listen everyday when i’m at home because I can’t listen on the go but it I could I would 100+/10

Can’t recommend it enough. It makes you cry, it makes you laugh. It makes you feel everything.
As someone who has struggled with mental health issues and the trauma of losing loved ones, I cannot recommend the 'Three Siblings' Journey' podcast enough. The three siblings who share their personal stories on the podcast have been through a lot, yet they approach their experiences with grace, humor, and vulnerability. Throughout the podcast, the siblings openly discuss their struggles with suicide, trauma, and depression, offering a raw and honest perspective on these difficult topics. Despite the heavy subject matter, the podcast is surprisingly uplifting, offering hope and inspiration to anyone who may be struggling with similar challenges. What's particularly notable about this podcast is the unique backgrounds and stories of each sibling. It's clear that mental health and trauma affect everyone differently, and hearing three different perspectives on the same issues is enlightening.

New listener.
Just starting the podcast. Sorry for your loss. Will be interesting to hear the different perspectives of the three siblings and how they deal with the events of losing their parents.

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It’s very good show talking about things that need to get addressed more often like depression suicide keel up that good work 🥹

Great review

Just came across this podcast and I can’t stop listening to it and it’s my first podcast ever!! Please keep making more!!

AWESOME I enjoy you guys!
I normally am not a big fan of podcasts but listening to this has made my day. It’s helped me maintain my mental health as well as learn something new about myself!!!! Thank you!!!!

A Must Listen
I just started listening and I am so hooked on it like it’s a tv show. I highly recommend it’s a must to listen too.

Love the podcast!
Good work! Great content!

I love you guys
Thanks for the amazing podcast!!! I use all the time wen I get off from work !!! I work at Disney trust me it’s very draining sometimes & you guys helping me to stay away to those problems thanks 100% ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Such a great podcast. Loved hearing their perspectives!

Three sibling podcasts are relatable
They address different groups & topics and i love listening to them, They help me distract myself from all the stress in my life honestly :))

great listen!
love the inspiration this podcast gives me when i’m at my highest and lowest of days, it really individualizes myself to reality and helps me realize that i’m not alone.

must listen!
Just started listening and I need more!!! It’s an amazing podcast!

Wow amazing!!!!!!!!!great episode!!

Not my normal, but so glad I hit download
This is not the typical type of podcast I listen to. I ran across them on social media and thought I would give it a try. So glad I did!!! Very inspiring and insightful. Give it a try. You won’t regret it.

Such a wonderful listen. They know what they’re talking about and can help you very much.

Please do yourself a favor and listen to this podcast. It’s moving and could save your life. Thank you guys!

This podcast is amazing!
Having lost a parent myself hearing their story makes every feeling I’ve experienced normal and relatable. Let’s you know that your not alone in certain struggles. Can’t wait to keep listening! Awesome work guys!

Can’t download!
I wish I could download this for my upcoming plane trip… Is there an issue?
Great podcast!

Three siblings
Awesome podcast! Just started listening!!!

Wow you guys are a tank. Listening to the podcasts about the three siblings’ journey, there were much I could relate to and learn from their experience. As I have also dealt with depression and anxiety, the fact that there are people out there who are struggling just like me gives me strength and motivation. Thanks for sharing the thought journeys with us! You guys are so strong!

RAW!!! Real, Authentic & Worth a listen!
We live in a world where so many of us are grieving— grieving friends, family or life in general. So many of us do it alone or amongst the ones who love us most. It looks SOO different for everyone even when we grieve the same thing or person. This podcasts shines a light on how sharing pain doesn’t produce the same perspectives, motivations or triumphs. The stories of these three siblings take you on three separate adventures that a piece of you can relate to in some form or fashion. Get your tissues ready and maybe a journal!

You Will Not Regret A Listen!
This podcast is always my absolute go-to. The way in which they discuss grief so diversely is so refreshing and an incredible listen. Three Siblings Podcast will forever hold a special place in my heart!

i LOVE this podcast
oh em gee this pod is amazing!! as the middle child of three who grew up with parents that struggled with mental health issues, this is exactly what i needed! liberating and inspiring words from three amazing people :))

This podcast is great! It reminds me of my brother and sister. The three of them are incredibly insightful and I love to listen to them. I would definitely recommend to anyone! (@jamilajohnsonn)