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May 2, 2024

What Blockchain developers can do to stop the Supression with Max Borders

Max Borders is the author of The Social Singularity (2018) and The Decentralist (2021). His latest book is called Underthrow (2023). Currently, he is working on two major projects: a cosmopolitan constitution designed to open the age of open-source law, and a global fraternal society – The Grey Robes – dedicated to the mission, morality, and meaning of the “Grey Tribe.”


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What we Discussed:


- Who is Max Borders (2 mins)


- Who Created Bitcoin (4 mins)


- The Fraud that Made me Expose the Bad boy (5:30 mins)


- Blockchain developers mission should be fighting the Corruption (8 mins)


- Credit Score System and freezing Accounts (10 mins)


- Paypal excess charges (12:45mins)


- Its not easy to sell your Crypto to FIAT(13:30mins)


- The Dangers of Crypto Tax (17 mins)


- Censorship (21 mins)


- How the Farmers are Hurting People and what they should do (23 mins)


- My Social Media Censorship (27 mins)


- Do Not Think the Left or Right Political Party will Resolve this (27:30 mins)


- Why I dont Vote (29 mins)


- Irish thrown out on the Street while Houses given to Ukrainians (30 mins)


- Everything is about the Signature (31 mins)


- The Billions allocated for Ukraine does not go directly (33 mins)


- Corporations own shares in other Corporations (36 mins)


- What developers can do to stop the Supression (38 mins)


- Propaganda (39:45 mins)


- Pre Search will hopfully dethrone Google (41 mins)


- Is there really Encryption (43 mins)


- Who is controling the Web (46 mins)


- The Rebel Alliance (48:30 mins)


- A Crypto that could replace FIAT Currency (51 mins)


- How can the UK denounce another invasion (58 mins)


- How to Prevent the History Books being doctored (1 hr)


- Do Not Attack Anyone with a Different belief System (1 hr 1:30 mins


- Freemasons (1 hr 5 mins)


- People are Starved for Community ( 1hr 9 mins)


- The Stupidity of Getting a Lisence (1 hr 13 mins)


and more



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