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May 15, 2024

Creating Passive Wealth in Crypto with Defi Crypto Alliance - Corey Geary & Dane Bollwinkel

Creating Passive Wealth in Crypto with Defi Crypto Alliance


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Bio of Corey & Dane :


Entrepreneurship saved my life, before I was an entrepreneur, I was an addict going nowhere except to my death bed and thru chasing the carrot of money it forced me to be in rooms with people leveling up their lives, spiritually, mentally, physically and financially and because of this journey not only has it made me a millionaire but the biggest accolade is it made me sober for multiple years, I have a family now with two beautiful daughters living in Puerto Rico and I do what I want, with whom I want, with how ever I want, and when I want. I have achieved true time freedom. Dane

Left corporate America and built a multi seven figure real estate investing company. Now I focus on helping investors reach their financial goals by combining crypto with real estate, oil and gas, and business.

What we Discussed:


- Who are Dane & Corey ( 2 mins)


- Who Created Bitcoin (8:45 mins)


- Pulsechain (10:15 mins)


- The Concern about Crypto Taxes (15 mins)


- What Exchanges they Recommend (17 mins)


- Thoughts on Regulation (19 mins)


- Wallets they use (22 mins)


- When do you stop panicking when doing a transfer (25 mins)


- Tips of preventing from being scammed (28 mins)


- Yield Farming (29 mins)


- The investors that they look for (31 mins)


- How there system works ( 33 mins)


- The Real Estate Vs Crypto Cycles (35 mins)


- Will Crypto get away from FIAT (39 mins)


- What Happens in the Mastermind (43 mins)


- The Returns & Reviews (47 mins)


and more



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