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Feb. 18, 2024

Using NFT's for a Singer, Model & Artist - Catherine Gairard (#65 Crypto Podcast)

Catherine Gairard is an independent singer, harpist, and songwriter, that is also creating NFT's


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Bio of Catherine Gairard:

I am an artist and musician with a diverse range of talents, drawing inspiration from my unique half-French and half-Peruvian heritage. As an independent singer, harpist, and songwriter, I specialize in creating emotive soundscapes that resonate with the heart. My creative journey has led me to explore various avenues, including venturing into the world of NFT art since 2021 and releasing my debut EP in 2020. In my visual art, I seamlessly blend traditional and digital drawing techniques, enhanced by the creative power of AI. These creations come to life through intricate 2D frame-by-frame animations, resulting in enchanting and captivating visuals. Currently, I am immersed in the pursuit of becoming a movie soundtrack composer, aspiring to contribute to the realization of compelling stories through music.

What we Discussed:


- Who is Catherine Gairard (1 mins)


- Speaking Spanish, English & French (3:30 mins)


- Tips of learning another language ( 4:30 mins)


- Catherines Crypto journey ( 7 mins)


- When Labels are not the nest option for a Musician ( 10 mins)


- How artists ensure they connect with fans ( 16 mins)


- Her own NFT Art with Ai (20:30 mins)


- What is the best NFT platform (23:30 mins)


- Ensuring you have cheaper gas fees (24:30 mins)


- When Modeling ensuring the pictures are yours (26 mins)


- Her eHarp and Harp learning (33 mins)


- The Frequency of Music that was modified ( 36 mins)


- Timber speakers better than Bluetooth speaker (41 mins)


- Her Camper Van Project (43 mins)


- Which Social Media serves her best ( 45 mins)


and more



How to Contact Catherine Gairard :