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Such a great value
This is an amazing place to learn.

Great podcast
Very informative, great host. Good for anyone riding the crypto wave or just entering the rabbit hole

Great show
Amazing podcast. Highly recommended

Love listening
Super inspirational. Love everything about Crypto. Thank you Roy it’s very helpful for us👌

First time listening
Your podcast is absolutely amazing!!!

Best Crypto Podcast
No one tops you, Roy!! Super informative, fun, and educational all at the same time all the time! Roy you are awesome. I crave to hear every new episode.

Pay attention to guests!
Great guest spots like Matthew Sanider, Mark Fidelman, Lukas Sliwka, Jeff Clatterbaugh, Matt Lobel, and Seth Levine. Now you are my favourite host Roy Coughlan😍 Keep it up the good work!!

The Best way to Learn Crypto
If you are a newbie to Crypto start from the beginning and learn along with Roy and his guests as they dip their toes into the Crypto market. If you are more advanced, listen to the latest episodes to keep up to date about all the latest happenings. Roy is great and fun to listen to. Learn, Laugh, and Profit.

True podcast about Crypro
Really fun to listen and I love that is the most authentic podcast about Crypti world. No Shilling just fun and truth

Amazing content and subject matter!
Easy flowing conversations that are much needed for the crypto space! Definitely looking forward to more great content from Roy!

Crypto podcast delivers
Roy leads his listeners on an engaging journey and interviews incredible people in the crypto space. I enjoy listening to his Crypto podcast to stay up to date on new and interesting projects.

Fantastic guests with a wide range of experiences
I’m about 6 episodes in and feel like I’ve learned so much from Roy and his guests about the Web3 space. Keep up the good work!

Best crypto podcast 💯
Thank you for giving us this knowledge💯

Everyone needs to listen it!!!
Everyone needs this information. Thanks Roy !! Another way to help others.

Love you Roy💞 Give so much great advice and you are such a great inspiration !!

Fascinating Take on Crypto
I thoroughly enjoy Roy’s perspective on Bitcoin and crypto.

Great show for Crypto
Great show for crypto. Gives good tips and helpful advice with good guests.