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#54 Lorenzo Primiterra - "Hey Mom, I bought Bitcoin'

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Bio of Lorenzo Primiterra :

Lorenzo Primiterra has been a computer enthusiast since he was a child.
He made his first bitcoin transaction in 2011 partly for fun, partly because, as any good developer, he loved to test every new technology.
Then, like many others, he somewhat forgot about the world of Bitcoin.
For the last few years, he has spent most of his days studying new cryptocurrency projects and the innovations they aim to bring to the world.
This book is his first published work with the aim to increase awareness about bitcoin even for those who have just heard of it for the first time.
He lives as a digital nomad traveling around the world.
He believes that individual privacy is a sacred right.
He believes the banking system is on the verge of a revolution.
The revolution of Bitcoin.

What we Discussed:

- Who is Lorenzo ( 2 mins)

- His Book "Hey Mom, I bought Bitcoin' ( 5 mins)

- El Salvador declared Bitcoin as legal tender ( 9 mins)

- Regulation ( 12 mins)

- BCT Map ( 16 mins)

- Restaurant taking Bitcoin in Lisbon for over 10 years ( 17 mins)

- Thoughts on Blackrock & Vanguard buying Bitcoin ( 19 mins)

- Wallet & Exchange recommendations ( 21 mins)

- Where he thinks the market will go ( 24 mins)

- Who is the founder of Bitcoin ( 26 mins)

- Tying to find the 1st mining ( 29 mins)

- What happens are 2040 for the miners ( 31 mins)

- Alt Coins ( 34 mins)

- Bitcoin Beach ( 36 mins)

and more

How to Contact Lorenzo Primiterra :