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Dec. 16, 2023

Crypto Podcast - Bringing Blockchain Technology into Real Estate - Josh Cadillac (#62)

Josh Cadillac: Master Investor, Renowned Educator – Unlocking the Keys to Lasting Success in Real Estate and Crypto


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Bio of Josh Cadillac:

Josh Cadillac is a top-selling agent, real estate coach, national speaker, investor, developer, and author who trains RE professionals how to Close for Life by building lasting success through extensive knowledge. He gives agents the education they need to not just close the deal and survive in this industry, but how to create loyal customers that would never do business with anyone other than you

What we Discussed:


- Who is Josh Cadilliac ( 2 mins)


- His Crypto Journey ( 4 min )


- Who he thinks created Bitsoin ( 9 mins)


- Wallets & Exchanges ( 10 mins)


- Good and Bad People in Crypto ( 14 mins)


- Bringing Blockchain Technology into Real Estate ( 20 mins)


- Agent listing Fees ( 27 mins 30 sec)


- Aiming for Having a lifetime Customer ( 32 mins)


- Advice on Car agents ( 40 mins)


- His 2 books ( 42 mins 30 sec)


- His Podcast 'Know your Sh*t' ( 47 mins)


and more



How to Contact Josh Cadillac :