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Nov. 6, 2023

Crypto Podcast - A Better Social Media Platform Cheelee - Viktoriia Miracle (#58)

Viktoriia Miracle CCO of Cheelee


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Bio of Viktoriia Miracle:

Viktoriia Miracle CCO Cheelee.io Serial entrepreneur 12+ years in business and marketing. Expert in Communication, Leadership, and Sales. Co-author of a best seller book. Podcaster. Immigrated twice, been fat, slim, broke, rich, and followed her heart to a life of excitement, adventure, passion, and purpose.


What we Discussed:


- Who is Viktoriia Miracle ( 2 mins)


- Best places of the 50 Countries she visited ( 3 mins)


- What does cheelee do ( 5:30 mins)


- No one is rewarding the people watching the videos ( 8 mins)


- How to be a user or content creator ( 10 mins)


- Censorship ( 11 mins)


- Preventing bots & scammers ( 14 mins)


- How to earn Money ( 17 mins)


- Content Creators ( 19 mins)


- Emojees used ( 21 mins)


- No ability to buy followers ( 23 mins)


- Digital Glasses NFTs ( 24 mins)


- Her Books ( 26 mins)


- On Apple & Android ( 29 mins)


- Prevent children from being addicted to their phones ( 33 mins)


and more



How to Contact Viktoriia Miracle:

Cheelee https://app.cheelee.io/users/64415a047fcd5319c90b47fc

IG https://www.instagram.com/miracle.viktoriia/

Twitter https://twitter.com/vikmiracle

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/viktoriiamiracle/