April 2, 2023

#46 Why Government Regulation does not help Decentralisation - Shayra Antia

#46 Why Government Regulation does not help Decentralisation - Shayra Antia
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About my Guest:

• Early crypto investor and trading strategist • Founded Blockchain University, an online academy and event series promoting business adoption of blockchain • Produced the first ever NFT event in Tampa Bay, "Crypto & Cars," featuring keynote speakers like West Coast Customs. • Shayra is the co-founder and CEO of TouchBrick, with TouchBrick Shayra has become one of the youngest angel backed female and minority founders in Web3

What we Discussed:

- Founded Blockchain University

- Creating an event 'Crypto & Car'

- Her background in the Crypto World

- How to make a relationship work when working with your partner

- Explaining what her company Touch Brick does

- Smart contracts and the ability to pay out to various wallets

- Systems to prevent rug-pulls

- Why they choose Etherium , solana and over 10 more for their platform

- How they came up with the name TouchBrick

- Why Government Regulation does not help decentralisation

- Partnering with companies that ensure safety in the system

- Her thoughts on Social Media in this field

and more

How to Contact Shayra:


Instagram @shayra.me

twitter @shayraantia