March 28, 2023

#45 Hyper Secure, Private Communications Protocol for Web 3 - CEO of Relayz Fernando Martinho

#45 Hyper Secure, Private Communications Protocol for Web 3 - CEO of Relayz Fernando Martinho
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About my Guest:

Fernando Martinho CEO of RELAYZ, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Crypto, AI and Data entrepreneur.

A serial innovator with a track record of delivering profit-driven technology innovation and solutions in Blockchain, Cybersecurity, AI, Data. They have been Fernando's passion for many years, he is always experimenting with new technologies and is an early adopter as well.

Extensive expertise in Information Technology, Strategy and Roadmaps, Software Development, Infrastructure and Operations, Strategic Planning, R&D, Product Development and Quality control.

Fernando is the CEO and Co-Founder of RELAYZ Hyper-secure, privacy-preserving, censorship resistant, decentralized communication protocol for WEB3. RELAYZ ensures Hyper-Secure Communications for Web3 with Quantum Resistant End-to-End Encryption and Decentralized Identity (DID).

What we Discussed:

- His Blockchain journey

- Ubuntu Tribe helping Africa

- A Safer Alternative to Zoom

- Edward Snowden

- Elon Musk and the Twitter Files

- Web 2.5 & Web 3

- Solving the Problem if you do not have a Wallet

- Security and why some regurgitate the lies

- Company Roadmap

- Advantages of having an International team

and more

How to Contact Fernando: