March 19, 2023

#44 Self Sovereign Blockchain Stops a Social Credit System - Tim Bos

#44 Self Sovereign Blockchain Stops a Social Credit System - Tim Bos
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About my Guest:

CEO of ShareRing. Tim has over 19 years’ experience working with start-ups and established enterprises with a focus on technology. During this time he has held senior roles with a number of widely recognised and respected organizations, including Program Manager at Avanade Australia (a Microsoft and Accenture joint venture), Associate Director at Barclays Capital, Project Manager at GE Capital, IT Infrastructure Manager at Atari – Melbourne House, and Principal Consultant at Software Spectrum.

Tim Bos also established his first start-up, bioWatch Australia in July 2004, with the purpose of building a software framework for tracking valuable assets around the globe. He sold the company to Procon MRM in the USA in 2008. Tim also co-founded Keaz in 2013. Keaz has developed a world leading platform for the purpose of sharing vehicles and assets globally.

Most recently, Tim co-founded ShareRing, a blockchain based company that's focused on changing the landscape of the fragmented sharing economy.

ShareRing is a blockchain-based platform enabling the creation and use of self sovereign verifiable credentials across Web2 and Web3.

What we Discussed:

- His Entrepreneurial Journey

- What is a Sharing Vault

- How it could be used on Construction Sites

- Backup plan for technology failures

- Tamperproof System

- Self sovereign 224 word phase

- GDPR Privacy rule when applying for a job

- Merchant Services

- How the system works well with Travelling

- Self Sovereign stops a Social Credit System

- Social Media

and more

How to Contact Tim: