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Dec. 13, 2022

#38 The Pros & Cons of Ethereum 2 - Sam Kamani

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About my Guest:

Sam is the Chief Web3 Strategist for Moonstream.to, Moonstream is the Web3 engine for Blockchain based games. Moonstream has handled over $2.5 Billion in transaction volume to date. Sam is also the founder and host of the Web3 with Sam Kamani podcast, a top 20 Web3 podcast globally and author of the Amazon Best selling "The 30 Day Startup".


What we Discussed:

- FTX / Genesis & Gemini


- Can we Trust Regulation


- Smart Contracts


- Web 3 Gaming


- Ethereum 2.0 Pros & Cons


and more


How to Contact Sam:



His Podcast https://samkamani.buzzsprout.com/