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Nov. 16, 2022

#35 Would You Like to Own a Part of an Andy Warhol Painting - CEO of Freeport Colin Johnson

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About my Guest:

Colin has extensive experience delivering large scale tech & payment products. Before moving into web3, he spent five years at Apple where he oversaw marketing for Apple Cash, growing the product from less than 1M to over 50M users. While marketing for Apple, he worked his way onto a crypto research team with a small group of participants, delivering presentations on the risks, rewards and strategic approaches for Apple in the crypto space.  After deciding to leave Apple and dive into web3, he dedicated two months to strategizing and executing the Restore Earth campaign with Angel Protocol on the Terra blockchain. In this campaign he worked with the Galactic Punks team and developed an incredible collection of NFTs to incentivize donations - which themselves were being sold for thousands of dollars each, and are now the core of a philanthropic web3 community. The campaign was wildly successful, raising over $1.5M for three climate-focused charitable organizations.  Now, as the CEO and co-founder of Freeport, Colin is intently focused on moving as much real world value as possible onto the Ethereum blockchain.   Colin was born in Trenton, NJ and - although he grew up relatively poor with two parents who worked at a nonprofit - went on to study English at Princeton.


What we Discussed:


- His Crypto journey


- Problems with Terra Blockchain


- What Happened with FTX


- Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme


- Raising $1.5M for 3 Charties


- Security Tokens


- Buying Part of an Andy Warhol Painting


- Fungible Tokens


- Ways of Increasing the Investors Revenue


and more


Where to find Colin: