March 5, 2021

The Vagina Museum Podcast (w/host and co-producer Alyssa Chafee)

The Vagina Museum Podcast (w/host and co-producer Alyssa Chafee)

Alyssa Chafee is the co-producer and host of the Vagina Museum podcast which explores, in a playful yet in-depth tone, the cultural history and symbolism of what is still remains a taboo subject. Alyssa talks to Dario about her MA thesis in science podcasting audiences, he work with the Vagina Museum, and the idea and development of the podcast. Also under discussion is the podcast as a tool of education and awareness raising, how to challenge myths around taboo subjects, and the value of humour and storytelling to make an educational space accessible and inclusive.

The Vagina Museum itself opened in 2019 in Camden London and but, unfortunately like so many cultural venues, has had to close because of the pandemic (donations are most welcome). It's aims are to raise awareness of gynaecological health, give people confidence to talk about gynaecological issues, erase body stigmas, act as a forum for feminism, women’s rights, the LGBT+ community and the intersex community, challenge heteronormative and cisnormative behaviour, and promote intersectional, feminist and trans-inclusive values.

In his opening monologue Dario muses on the continuing difficulties of life under lockdown, reflects on how we speak from specific contextual perspectives and that the nature of open dialogue requires a level of trust in the motives of speakers. Something that is seeming more difficult to find in the era of contested information and knowledge.


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