June 11, 2021

Podcasting's transforming infrastructure.

Podcasting's transforming infrastructure.

Dario is joined in this episode by two of the leading lights of Podcast Studies to discuss some of the major changes in podcasting infrastructure and their implications. Apple’s decision to add a mechanism for paid subscriptions to its podcasting architecture is a move that is arguably as significant as when the iTunes first specified podcasting in its audio listening directory. In a recent article in The Conversation co-written by John Sullivan (Professor of Media and Communication, Muhlenberg College), Kim Fox (Professor of Practice in Journalism and Mass Communication, American University in Cairo) & Richard Berry (Senior Lecturer in Radio, University of Sunderland) place this transformation in the context of wider shifts in podcasting's industrial and economic infrastructure. John and Richard discuss with Dario the key points of the article (Kim was unfortunately double-booked with another meeting at the last minute), including how the big tech companies are fighting for market share over content and technological delivery in various ways, what impact this will have on the ways shows are developed, produced and listened to, along with the question of whether this signals the end to the more creative, open-source democratic ethos that is often associated with the medium.


Richard mentions Fiona Sturges Guardian article: A real turn off: Are celebrities ruining podcasting?

Richard recommends The Lazarus Heist & Cold Case Crime Cuts

John recommends Podland Podcast & 1800 Seconds on Autism

Dario recommends Floodlines and Crushed

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