Oct. 15, 2020

Podcasting: Formalization and its Discontents (AoIR 2020 Podcasting Panel)

Podcasting: Formalization and its Discontents (AoIR 2020 Podcasting Panel)


This week’s podcast features several podcast scholars reporting on their recent research regarding podcast formalization and platformization. The panel is moderated by John Sullivan from Muhlenberg College. This panel was originally intended to be presented at the annual meeting of the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR) in Dublin, Ireland, but was transitioned to an online conference after the global pandemic. In keeping with the spirit of the topic, we decided to release our panel discussion in the form of a podcast. The panel of researchers presenting their work in this episode include:

  • Tiziano Bonini, University of Siena, Italy
  • Dario Llinares University of Brighton, UK
  • Richard Berry University of Sunderland, UK
  • Patricia Aufderheide American University, USA
  • John L. Sullivan, Muhlenberg College, USA

Interact with us! We invite your participation in this panel. If you have any thoughts, reflections, questions, or reactions to any of the presentations or topics discussed in this episode, just reach out to us via Twitter using the hashtag: #AoIR2020PL10. We will reply and get the discussion going via social media.


0:00 - Introduction by John Sullivan

2:25 - Tiziano Bonini, “Podcasting as a cultural form between old and new media”

15:07 - Dario Llinares, “Podtopian dreams: Sound technology and communication futures”

22:28 - Brief panel discussion of Bonini & Llinares

30:20 - Richard Berry, “Formalising the informal: BBC commissions and the shape of podcasts”

38:45 - Brief panel discussion of Berry

46:12 - Patricia Aufderheide, “Protecting public podcasting: Are U.S. news, public affairs and learning podcasts at risk?” Find the full paper here: https://ijoc.org/index.php/ijoc/article/view/13548

55:20 - John L. Sullivan, “Market information regimes in podcasting: Formalization and audience metrics”

1:04:15 - General panel discussion of all presentations

1:19:45 - Wrap-up by John Sullivan

1:20:55 - End

// LINKS //

Tiziano Bonini - email: tiziano.bonini@unisi.it; Twitter @tbonini

Dario Llinares - email: d.llinares@brighton.ac.uk; Twitter @dariodoublel

Richard Berry - email: richard.berry@sunderland.ac.uk; @richardberryuk

Patricia Aufderheide’s slides: https://www.slideshare.net/paufder/does-public-podcasting-have-a-future?qid=e201c428-eac3-48e2-af2e-509b7f618772&v=&b=&from_search=3

Patricia Aufderheide’s article (open access!):


Patricia Aufderheide- email paufder@american.edu  Twitter: @paufder

John Sullivan - email: johnsullivan*at*muhlenberg.edu; Twitter:@jsullivan47

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