May 10, 2021

Podcasting and politics with Steve Richards

Podcasting and politics with Steve Richards

In this episode, it was my pleasure to discuss politics, podcasting and the media more broadly with one of the top political commentators in the country Steve Richards. Steve is the host of Rock and Roll politics, a podcast that showcases his talent for the single voice monologue and we discuss this format, Steve's personal inspiration - the historian and broadcaster A.J.P. Taylor - and how it differs from dialogue and panel formats in production and delivery. We analyse the audience for Rock and Roll politics and the possibility of building a community, when podcasting is generally, an individualised experience. Also, we go into detail as to the role of BBC and the structure of the media in general, and think about contemporary journalistic practices in the social media age, indeed how podcasting sits at the intersection of old and new media. I couldn't let Steve go without commenting on the impact of Brexit and Pandemic on the current political situation particularly in terms of the problems of the left. So the episode coincides with a weekend of political upheaval after the local elections, which I reflect upon in my opening remakes. Steve is one of the best media voices out there so I hope our audience really enjoy this discussion.


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