Nov. 20, 2020

In conversation with student podcaster Olivia Trono

In conversation with student podcaster Olivia Trono

Podcasting as a form that is utilised by students in educational contexts has, of course, been an important strand of the medium's development and a key focus of academic analysis. Recently, there are increasing examples of MA and PhD students utilising podcasting as a form of practice-led research. Our own partnership with Jerry Padfield and his PhD casting is a key example of that. But on this episode Dario talks to another student podcaster Olivia Trono, whose project My Master's Thesis: It's a podcast (about Podcasts) completed at Ryerson University is a benchmark example of this 'genre' of podcasts. Dario talks to Olivia about the origin of the project, the ideas she had around investing the show with the academic rigour required of a Masters thesis, how she came up  audio cues for quotations and referencing, her own performance and use of her voice, using a playful tone in a academic context and of course, her thought on podcast studies and the future of medium.

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