Oct. 1, 2020

In conversation with Dr Hannah McGregor

In conversation with Dr Hannah McGregor

After a summer break, we are back with a new season of shows for podcast lovers, producers, critics, and academics. And we begin with a bang. Dr Dario Llinares hosts a wide-ranging conversation with one of the foremost academic podcaster working today: Dr Hannah McGregor - Assistant Professor of publishing at Simon Fraser University. On the programme, Hannah discusses her expansive podcast output including Witch, Please, Secret Feminist Agenda and The SpokenWeb Podcast in terms of their development, themes, and aesthetics. Alongside this Hannah explores how podcasts can and should be defined in academic terms, whether they are the focus of media analysis, utilised as a research method, expand the dissemination of research beyond the ivory tower, open avenues for diverse voices in academia, or are deployed as tools of peer review. Hannah is at the forefront of discourses regarding how podcasting can be a challenge to traditional academic structures and this conversation is a must for anyone interested in podcast studies and sound media more broadly. She is an authentic "podcaster" in the very specificity of that media practice and identity.

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Hannah's podcast recommendation is: Sandy and Nora Talk Politics.

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