Oct. 14, 2021

Generative Podcasts

Generative Podcasts

How about a podcast that creates itself? Or an episode that changes each time you newly download it? Generative podcasts, created with programming, AI, and dynamic insertion technologies are not yet commonplace, but could they be? Lori speaks to Jeff Emtman and Martin Zaltz Austwick, creators of Neutrinowatch, about how and why they created this generative podcast and how it disrupts expectations of how listeners 'use' podcasts as well as how podcast platforms serve them up. And our friendly neighbourhood podcast recommendation engine Jess joins Dario and Lori to discuss two other examples of generative podcasts: Welcome to Night Vale ep. 133 and TED's Mystery Episode.

A transcript of this episode is available.

Show Notes:

Lori mentions the new Bounced podcast which showcases the best student audio productions in her department. 

Answer Me This! podcast (another of Martin Zaltz Austwick's podcasts)

Here Be Monsters (Jeff's other podcast). Jeff Mentions this episode in particular: Cold Water (ep. 150)

More info on the TED Mystery Episode can be found here.

Another generative podcast project that we didn't mention in this episode but will be of interest is the Sheldon County podcast by James Ryan

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