July 23, 2021

Ep33 In conversation with Dr. Gina Baleria (creator of News in Context podcast)

Ep33 In conversation with Dr. Gina Baleria (creator of News in Context podcast)

Bias in the news is a hot topic and is the focus of News in Context, a weekly podcast discussing the issues that impact how information is delivered, how we consume it, and how that affects our interactions with each other. In this episode, Prof. Lori Beckstead talks to creator and host of News in Context Dr. Gina Baleria. A former broadcast and digital journalist, Gina now teaches journalism, media writing, & digital content creation and delivery at Sonoma State University. In this wide-ranging conversation, issues covered include: navigating information in the Digital Age, audio journalistic forms, the role of the journalist in news, control of media content, economic considerations of podcast journalism, and much more.

Dario introduces the episode with some reflections on the end of the academic year, continuing research and life generally, offers a few Podcast Studies recommendations, and outlines some news about a 'rebranding' of New Aural Cultures that is coming for the new academic year.

A transcription of this episode is available.

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Interview with Dr. Gina Baleria:

Dr. Gina Baleria's podcast is News in Context

Dr. Baleria's research on using digital storytelling to counteract othering and foster inclusivity:



Book: Writing and Reporting the News for the 21st Century: the Speed at Which We Travel by Yumi Wilson, Gina Baleria, and Grace M. Provenzano