May 28, 2021

Emerging Research in Podcast Studies

Emerging Research in Podcast Studies

The role of early career researchers is absolutely fundamental to the emergence and future development of “Podcast Studies”. And today I’m delighted to be joined by two such scholars whose own research is expanding the horizons of how podcasting is being theorized and analysed, AND, who are providing organisation, leadership & support for other ECRs in podcasting. This is particularly in light of their recent organisation of an International Graduate Symposium on Emerging in Podcast Studies. Dario talk's Alyn Euritt whose research uses discourse analysis to expressions of Intimacy in podcasting, and Jeff Donison whose work focuses on marginalized voices in the context of Canadian podcasting. They discuss their research along withing the broad context of the emerging discipline podcast studies and introduce two short recordings from contributors to the symposium who also summarise their work. These contributors are Martin Feld, Freja, Waqar Ahmed, Tegan Bratcher, and Nele Heise.

If you would like access to the panel presentations please email Alyn Euritt and mention you heard the New Aural Cultures episode on the symposium and she will give you access.

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