The BEST Podcast Mixer in 2021 - Tascam Mixcast 4 (and, why I'm selling my Rodecaster)

Tascam Mixcast 4 Review and Overview

I've been using @tascam_official products since I was 14. I'm old enough to have recorded early demos on a #portastudio so when they announced the Mixcast 4 I was very intrigued into this product.

To date, I have used a Rodecaster Pro which is an awesome device so I wondered....How can they innovate this technology?

To my delight, @tascam_official:

💪 Improved the workflow
💪 Added new features that make podcasting easier
💪 Improved the input/output options
💪 Included high-quality preamps
💪 Made features for video podcasters

Overall, at the same $599 price point, I would suggest the Mixcast 4 over the Rodecaster. In fact, I'll be switching over. Anyone want to buy a Rodecaster Pro?

Here's the best news. @tascam_official sent this to me and invited me to give it away to someone in my community. You can enter to win this amazing tool in my bio!