March 16, 2021

Landing Sponsors with Small Audiences Feat. Billy Thorpe

Landing Sponsors with Small Audiences Feat. Billy Thorpe

I’ve got a great guest on the podcast today here to help YOU make money. I’m talking with Billy Thorpe, a podcasting coach and founder of Copilot Studio. He’s here today to reveal some secrets about how he makes thousands of dollars off sponsors - even when his podcast audience is on the smaller side - and how you can, too!

In this episode, Travis and Billy talk about:

  • How Travis has typically been anti-sponsor in the past but thinks Billy’s perspective on and success with sponsors is very valuable.
  • How it’s always worth asking around to potential sponsors - if you never ask, the answer can only be a “no.”
  • Why more niche shows can have better luck finding sponsors. If you’re niche, you know your audience well and can tailor the perfect sponsor to that audience.
  • How you need to approach a potential sponsor with a full media kit, a plan for your brand, and really be able to sell yourself and your community.
  • Why you need to make your approach more about community-building together, rather than a plea to a random company for help with your bills.
  • The traditional advertising CPM model (based on numbers) and how to subvert that.
  • How and why to talk about your audience as people, not numbers.
  • Why you need to be honest and have an integrity-based mindset when choosing which sponsors to approach: you want to match the sponsor’s products and service to what your audience truly wants and needs.
  • How to start the conversation with a potential sponsor once you’ve identified who you want.
  • Why podcasters have an advantage when seeking sponsors because we’re used to using our voices - it’s more personable to reach out to sponsors over the phone.
  • Why you need to remind folks that their advertising will exist as long as your podcast exists, instead of expiring like a billboard.
  • How Travis and Billy are co-hosting Clubhouse rooms on podcast monetization. Keep an eye out!

Memorable Quotes

“It was not out of desperation, but more out of collaboration that you’re reaching out to these companies.”

“If you give people what they want the most, you’re going to get what you want out of life.”

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