Nov. 5, 2021

Turning Your Creator Skills Into Profit (Feat. Melissa Guller)

Turning Your Creator Skills Into Profit (Feat. Melissa Guller)

If you’re looking for a way to make money without investing a ton of money upfront, you’re going to want to take notes on this one! Rock star course creator Melissa Guller is on the show today to share how you can make money without fancy equipment, using the knowledge you already have.

In this episode, Travis and Melissa discuss:

  • How big the creator space currently is and how it keeps growing.
  • Why podcasters need to build a strong community for themselves.
  • How you can create your first course without fancy and expensive gear.
  • How customers are looking for value out of your course, not bells and whistles.
  • Ways to test your course live to get feedback and see if people will be interested to buy it in the future.
  • The only two things you’ll need to get started selling for the first time!
  • How to get paid to validate your course idea.
  • How the art we make isn’t our product - instead, the byproduct of our art is the product.
  • What to do when your skills and passions grow outside of your current niche.
  • Using micro products as bonus content and how that can earn you more money.
  • Why you should think about creating a signature course.
  • Why email marketing is absolutely essential to your business and how to do it well without causing everyone to unsubscribe.
  • Human-to-human marketing and why having a small audience is actually a superpower!
  • Why the time to start is NOW.
  • How not to let the tech get in the way of the teaching.

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