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Highly Recommended

Travis provides listeners with a TON of useful information in every episode. Minimal commentary. Maximum value. Keep it up.

Podcast about Podcast

Travis produces the best podcast for podcasters.

Real, Human, Podcaster Mentor

Travis always has great content to share but it’s so much more than that, it’s his genuine desire to help people achieve their goals with podcasting. He has a “there is room at the table for everyone” & “everybody eats” mentality that is so positive & nurturing. It is what sets him far apart from a…

One of the most genuine I know

Travis has not only helped me but countless others. His material is top quality and by far some of the most professional and useful information that’s on the air! Trust me!

So helpful!!

I’ve been listening to all the back episodes- such good info!! I’ve put some to use and it’s paying off!! I really like the info and always seem to find some new useful info. Now I too- will not “give a fudge!!”

Authentic and extremely helpful

Looking to get real, helpful advice about the business side of podcasting? Look no further than this podcast. Travis is a guy who truly wants to help others. He is very authentic and his presentation overall is great. This is one podcast that truly brings value to the audience.

An Absolute Homerun

I launched my show in February of 2021 and came across this show recently. I absolutely love the interviews in which Travis talks with different hosts about their shows and how to maximize their reach. This is the second podcast I’ve listened to on how to launch and grow your podcast. Both were goo…

This Podcast is a Must!

Really enjoy the content and Travis’s amazing voice is an extra bonus! Perfect length too. Definitely check it out

Great Podcast!

Travis is the man! As a fellow podcaster his advice is second to none. This podcast is a must listen for anyone new to the industry or looking to expand their knowledge and content creation to the next level. What really separates this show from others is actionable tips and recommendations from …


This podcast is amazing! I can’t stop telling other people about it. Travis over delivers in his content: from strategy to maintaining consistency, this podcast gives you everything you need to be a successful content creator. I’m astounded.

Exactly what I needed

This is therapy, this is what all podcasters need, Travis is an amazing person, an incredible voice to calm your anxiety of putting your content out there. Prepare your pen and paper and get all the knowledge and tips you hear here because they will take you to the next level. Travis For President

Super Practical & Helpful

I came across this Podcasts by coming across PodDecks on Instagram. I just launched my own Podcast 2 months ago in which I’ve dreamt of doing for almost 3 years and finally did it. As I came across PodDecks, I came across the Podcasts and have already binged listened to 5 episodes in one sitting. T…

So helpful!!

I’ve been listening to all the back episodes- such good info!! I’ve put some to use and it’s paying off!! I really like the info and always seem to find some new useful info.

Realistic advice to help get your podcast un-stuck

Travis is a kind voice, with a clear intention of helping podcasters succeed. His shows (and his PodDecks playing cards/app) are excellent tools for new podcasters that also provide seasoned pros a bit of inspiration.

Excellent podcast for seasoned and new podcasters

I’ve been podcasting since 2007 and Travis is sharing things in this podcast that are helpful to me.

Thank you for this Travis!

Travis always has that voice to support the podcasting community.

Travis Knows What He’s Talking About

If there is someone who is extremely well qualified to talk about this kind of thing, it’s Travis. His thoughts and ideas are very actionable and lead to real growth and satisfaction in podcasting. I’ve been blessed in my own podcasting from listening to his show. I would highly recommend listeni…

Must Subscribe

This is a great show...I took notes while listening. I can’t wait for the next episode!


Travis gives good tips and advice for every podcaster whether your a beginner or experienced podcaster, it’s like having a mentor in your pocket.

The reasons you should

Hello, my name is Sam, creator of Diamond Mind Results. I say that to let you know I own a development brand. Therefore trust me when I say this is one Podcast you want to subscribe too. 1. Who does not want a ”How To Book” from someone that knows!!!!! ”How To” 2. It's not full of fluff, it real,…

A Perfect Podcasting Resource

If you’re a podcaster you need to be listening to this!

I’ve been waiting for this show!!!

So pumped for this show. Travis is always inspiring and motivational. If you are wanting to start or grow your podcast and need a cheerleader, Travis is your guy!

The best!

Travis is fantastic. His content is informative and helpful. His ideas are both inspiring and practical when it comes to getting a podcast off the ground. Great stuff!