March 29, 2021

Fix Your Podcast Pitch

Fix Your Podcast Pitch

You’d be surprised how many podcasters don’t have a tight pitch for their show. And if someone’s pitch isn’t clear, that’s a red flag to me that their podcast’s content isn’t going to be well put-together. You have to be able to efficiently explain what your podcast is all about to get new listeners and new downloads!

In this episode, Travis talks about:

  • How you never know when you’ll be in a situation where you’ll have the opportunity to pitch your podcast, so you need to have a winning pitch at the ready.
  • How pitches work to qualify listeners - your podcast isn’t for everyone, and that’s ok! It’s better to be specific and upfront in your pitch instead of trying to please everyone.
  • How “what, who, when, and where” is actually a useful and simple formula you can use to create your pitch.
  • Why you need to be able to say your podcast pitch in your sleep. Confidence goes a long way.
  • Strategies to use when you’re struggling to explain your podcast succinctly: the “it’s like” strategy and the “explain it like I’m five strategy.”
  • Why you shouldn’t try to get too clever with your podcast’s name - the name of your show needs to indicate what your show is about.
  • Some examples of what not to do.
  • An exercise to get you started crafting your perfect pitch - and a challenge.

Memorable Quotes

“But you have to remember one thing - your podcast isn’t for every single person on Earth.”

“I want you to learn it backwards and forwards, blindfolded...the more confident you are, the more eloquently you say it, the more powerful it is.”

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