How to Manage Content Creator Anxiety feat. Sherianna Boyle

Overwhelm and anxiety are very common, especially among creative people. If you’re finding yourself up against a lot of negative feelings, it’s important to learn how to get out of that negative space so you can be the best version of your creative self.

In this episode, Travis chats with Sherianna Boyle, a podcaster, radio personality, and author, who specializes in processing emotions related to anxiety. Travis and Sherianna discuss:

How to identify Anxiety: Telling the difference between anxiety and stress.

Ways to resolve Anxiety: Emotions come along with anxiety and it’s important to create space to process those emotions.

The Seven Steps to Emotional Detox: Sherianna discusses the process that is the premise for her books and how you can apply it.

The science behind this method: There have been studies that have found real benefit to a lot of the processes discussed, such as meditation and using vibrations.

How Anxiety impacts behavior: Anxiety can negatively impact social interactions.

Reactivity: A different way to think about anxiety and how we tend to manage it in less-than-healthy ways.

Memorable Quotes:

“Your emotions matter. Processing them matters more.”

“That top layer is just what your brain and your nervous system are have to get that shovel and dig into the dirt a little deeper to see what’s underneath that feeling.”

“Reactivity is [...] how we make the uncomfortable comfortable.”

“If it’s not love, it’s probably a reaction.”

“If you’re spending all this energy worrying and doubting [...] you’re not opening up your brilliance to creativity”

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