How to Create a Website for a Podcast (In 5 minutes or less)

Have you been thinking about making a website for your podcast? It’s a great idea to help your show get noticed, showcase your awesome reviews, and help your listeners support you. If you're feeling overwhelmed with how to get started, I have a solution for you! Podpage does all the work of building your website for you, so you can have a gorgeous website in minutes without needing to know any code or spend tons of money hiring a web developer.

In this video, Travis talks about:

How Podpage uses your RSS feed to automatically create a beautiful website.

All the different customizable features available and how you can go back in later and make small tweaks as needed.

All the awesome features of Podpage sites, which include: showcasing the podcast, sharing your great reviews, letting listeners leave voicemails, collecting email addresses, and letting people support you through a Patreon.

Walking you through how to build a website with Podpage, which literally only takes a few minutes!

The different templates and formats Podpage offers so you can choose the overall look of your
website - which you can then further augment with fonts and color schemes that match your brand.

All the different pages you can add to your site - like for show notes, reviews, blogs, and more!
How you can use the reviews page to quickly create posts for your social media.

The really cool “leave a voicemail” feature that lets your listeners leave you audio messages (which you can download to use on your show later, too!).

Memorable Quotes

“I don’t need a developer anymore to have an amazing, beautiful website for my podcast.”

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