How to become an Amazon Best Seller (in one day)

There are so many influencers and gurus out there with illustrious bios. When we’re scrolling through social media and see all of their credits, it’s easy to start feeling bad about ourselves for being “behind.” But not every bio is as it seems! If seeing how “far ahead” other people seem to be makes you want to throw in the towel, I’m about to show you that sometimes those bios seem unbelievable because they are not to be believed.

In this video, Travis talks about:

How Travis wrote a book on his phone in 5 minutes and became an Amazon #1 Bestselling author in one day.
How people can use the fact that it’s so easy to achieve that status on Amazon to beef up their resume and seem more accomplished than they really are.
Why this isn’t true of all #1 Amazon bestselling authors out there -there are actually some great books about podcasting on the platform (links below)!
How people can leverage under-utilized book categories to make their book rise to the top.
How Travis’s one-page fake book was approved by Amazon almost instantly.
Why you can use this tale to feel like you’re not as far behind as you may think!

Memorable Quotes

“I just want to warn you that not everybody out there is as far along on their journey as you may think.”

“Something that I always look for in the first line of people’s bios is...exactly what they do and how they’re going to help you bring value to your world.”

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