Did you QUIT Podcasting? Take the 10x10 Challenge!

We just hit 2 million shows in Apple Podcasts, according to Daniel J Lewis’s Podcast Industry Insights tool. Overnight, the total number of shows hit 2,004,462. He says that 37.29% are “active” (published at least one episode in the last 90 days).

That means 62% of podcasters have Pod Faded.

Pod Fading: A podcast that after a while becomes less and less frequently updated and then blinks out altogether. Alternately a podcast that is going strong and suddenly stops.

That’s why I created the 10X10 Challenge.

Kick start your podcast back up with this fun challenge that will let your audience know you are back and build that muscle memory to get your show back on track.

✴️ Create the habit of content creation
✴️ Get back momentum
✴️ Connect with your audience
💯 *You’ll also get 10 times the downloads you normally get by completing the challenge.

Here’s the deets:

✅ 10 episodes
✅ 10 days
✅ 10 minutes max

and here's the best part. You don't even need to have any ideas.

I'm giving you 50 episode starting prompts for free (as long as you cover shipping). free.poddecks.com

Don't have a podcast? Simply go live on your Facebook, YouTube or Instagram account. Don’t forget to use #10x10challenge ❤️

Sign up below!

I’ll be giving shout outs, prizes, and sharing your episodes with my community! You’ll also win a 10x10 badge for completing!