3 Lessons Starbucks can teach us about Podcasting!

Starbucks didn’t become a mega company overnight and your podcast audience won’t grow overnight, either. However, just like the brains behind Starbucks realized people want the same cup of coffee wherever they go, you too have the power to create an experience your listeners will want again and again. Check out why your podcast needs a system and how to build one, how to focus on the craft of your business, and why you need to build a community!

In this episode, Travis shares…

Your system: Create your own system to improve your consistency and efficiency as a podcaster

Your craft: Put extra effort into one or two aspects of your podcast to reflect your passion

Your community: Offer people a place to feel part of something meaningful

Memorable Quotes:

“Having a system is going to allow you to be consistent, release more episodes, and have a better life balance as a podcaster.”

“When we’re making things, having that passion to go a little bit deeper in every aspect of it, will really make a huge difference.”

“By offering people a place to have a community with, they’re going to biologically want to be a part of something, so make yourself a community.”

Links to resources:
Onward by Howard Schultz - https://amzn.to/2JSfwhZ (affiliate)

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