May 28, 2021

Epic Dynamic Mic Shootout

Epic Dynamic Mic Shootout

Howdy partner! Are you ready for a good old fashioned shootout between 5 different dynamic microphones? You decide which one sounds best and then click the link to find out what kind of mic it is!

In this episode, Travis:

  • Does a blind test of 5 different dynamic microphones.
  • Does each test with and without processing.
  • Is reading some of Shel Silverstein’s genius poems in order to test the mics.

Links to Resources

Microphone A

Microphone B

Microphone C

Microphone D

Microphone E

Honorable mention: Rodecaster Pro makes it super easy to get that processed audio sound with the push of a button.

Shel Silverstein’s Where the Sidewalk Ends

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