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I fell in love with it
It's really a great education podcast

The world's best education podcast

Love this!
It was so interesting

Love it!
I love this podcast and so should you.

I love it podcast!
Haven’t listened much but you’re awesome on the Life Stories episodes

The best podcast
Your voice is very beautiful

Excellent podcast
I like this kind of podcast a lot

great pod
The beautiful thing about podcasting is it’s just talking

love it
Wonderful podcast

Great podcast
i love this Education podcast

Great job!!
Fascinating content.

One of my favorite podcasts.
Every single episode is amazing.

Awesome podcast.
Definitely a five-star show.

Keep up the good work, guys.

Amazing podcast. Deshaun inspires me to think differently and do better 🔥

Great show! Inspiring podcast that’s not too long and easy to listen to. Motivating, and intriguing episodes. Looking forward to more. Great content!