Feb. 24, 2023

JORDAN GITTERMAN - Creating Tokens for Physical Goods

JORDAN GITTERMAN - Creating Tokens for Physical Goods
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Jordan Gitterman is the Co-Founder of Item Banc- a platform that turns commercial data of basic human needs (BHN) into a new form of exchange. It utilizes a Global Parity Valuation Engine to back digital currencies with the derived valuation of BHN and provide it to the market in real time. Validators report commercial information of BHN transactions to Item Banc and receive digital credits that can be redeemed for analyzed data or traded with another party.

Jordan discusses the value of cryptocurrency and how it is becoming increasingly popular in recent times, and that many people are beginning to see the value in it. He also emphasizes on the potential of using Artificial Intelligence in cryptocurrency and how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can increase trust and transparency in finance, and how it can improve efficiency.

Cryptocurrency is valuable for being decentralized, deflationary, secure, and global, making it an attractive option for investing and protecting investments. AI can revolutionize the way we interact with technology and has the potential to automate processes, improve decision making, and create more personalized experiences.

Jordan also discusses the concerns raised by people about cryptocurrency’s energy consumption and its impact on the environment. Many argue that the energy required to create new blocks is very high and could have a negative effect on the environment. While this is a valid concern, it is also important to remember that the energy output of the cryptocurrency is much lower than that of the current/ traditional currency systems. Moreover, the use of blockchain technology can help reduce energy consumption by allowing for more efficient data processing.

In the field of finance, NFTs and blockchain can be used to increase transparency, create trust, and ensure that transactions are secure and authentic. AI technology can detect and prevent malicious activities, leading to more trust in the financial system.

Overall, AI has the potential to create a more secure and efficient cryptocurrency system.


 Crypto had advantages to traditional currency
Values of real items can be tokenized
Blockchain solves many trust issues



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