Oct. 13, 2021

S5E74: Serial Killer, Her Terrifying Ordeal.

S5E74: Serial Killer, Her Terrifying Ordeal.

As a teenager she caught a ride with a person who turned out to be a Serial Killer. Her life and death struggle, her journey afterwards and successful life today. Ride With A Serial Killer, Her Terrifying Ordeal. 

Constance M. Drew is our guest. She tells her terrifying story of survival and her path to success today. When Constance was a teenager she accepted a ride from a man. During the car ride the man began to threaten to torture, rape and kill her. She tells her story of the life and death situation and how she managed to escape the killer. A few years later, she and a friend saw the same man was wanted for being a serial killer of many young women. Constance talks about the impact this had on her life, the decisions and journey she took to build a better life and her success today. She coaches businesses, has a podcast and has written a book titled "A Drive with a Serial Killer".

Inside of Car photo by Dave_7.

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