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Deputy Sheriff Died, State Ignores The Family.

Deputy Sheriff Died, State Ignores The Family.

Deputy Sheriff Died, State Ignores The Family.  Deputy Daryl Wayne Shuey, a dedicated member of the Pierce County Sheriff's Department in Washington, tragically lost his life in the line of duty on November 10, 2020, succumbing to a heart attack while on patrol at 6:00 am. Engaged in the disposal of heavy items related to a prior case, Deputy Shuey was found unresponsive next to his patrol vehicle. Despite efforts at the MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital, he passed away at 7:00 am. Deputy Shuey's unwavering commitment spanned 26 years of service with the Pierce County Sheriff's Department. He leaves behind his wife, two children, mother, and two brothers.

Karen Shuey, his widow, courageously shares the story of his death, reflecting on its profound impact on her and her children and the sense of being unjustly robbed by the State. The journey from the funeral to the deliberate omission of his name on a memorial wall is a testament to the disrespect she feels. Deputy Sheriff Died, State Ignores The Family. 

The grieving widow's dismay is heightened by the fact that Deputy Shuey's name is absent from the Washington State Law Enforcement Memorial, despite national recognition. Of the 341 individuals commemorated for sacrificing their lives since 1854, Karen Shuey asserts that her husband's absence is a heart-wrenching omission. She emphasizes his dedicated service, the ultimate sacrifice he made, and her belief that he rightfully belongs on that memorial wall. 

Deputy Sheriff Died, State Ignores The Family.  Despite national acknowledgment, including engraving his name on the Fallen Officer Memorial in Spokane and inclusion on the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington, D.C., the state-level recognition remains elusive. The Department of Justice, under the Hometown Heroes Act, recognized Deputy Shuey's line-of-duty death, qualifying his family for federal death benefits.

However, the nonprofit organization Behind the Badge, responsible for adding names to the state memorial, follows specific criteria. While heart attacks can be considered line-of-duty deaths if occurring during stressful or strenuous non-routine activities, Karen Shuey contests the inconsistency in applying these criteria, particularly in her husband's case. Deputy Sheriff Died, State Ignores The Family. 

The Washington State Fraternal Order of Police (WAFOP) echoes Karen Shuey's concerns, advocating for legislative changes to ensure that officers recognized nationally receive the honor they deserve within their home state. The call for uniformity and fairness in recognizing the sacrifice of officers like Deputy Daryl Wayne Shuey reverberates through the plea for the amendment of state law. Deputy Sheriff Died, State Ignores The Family. 

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Deputy Sheriff Died, State Ignores The Family. 

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