Jan. 1, 2024

Wrongful Conviction 2024 - Trailer

Wrongful Conviction 2024 - Trailer

Lava for Good’s critically acclaimed Wrongful Conviction podcast, co-hosted by celebrated criminal justice reform advocate and founding board member of the Innocence Project Jason Flom, and Pulitzer prize-winning podcast host and producer Maggie Freleng, returns with gripping new episodes that delve into harrowing stories highlighting pervasive issues in the criminal justice system. Flom and Freleng speak with individuals who were wrongfully convicted of crimes they did not commit. Some have been fully exonerated and reunited with family and friends while others continue to languish in prison. Their cases underscore shocking systemic failures and outright biases within the legal system. Episodes will alternate between the two hosts every Monday and Thursday beginning January 8, 2024.

Wrongful Conviction is a production of Lava for Good™ Podcasts in association with Signal Co. No1.

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00:00:00 Speaker 1: We the jury, you find the defendant, General viegis not guilty of I'm Jason plom and you're Maggie feeling hey, Jason. Every day we learn about another person who shouldn't be in prison. That's right. And we do a lot behind the scenes, like finding attorneys and talking with advocates. We're in constant communication with the people who are wrongfully convicted. They're legal teams as well as their loved ones. All Right, you take care of those kids. They've been through hell. We're going to make sure they never see the inside of a prison cell again. If you want to be a part of this work, listen to Wrongful Conviction, the podcast where we hand the mic to innocent people to hear their stories in their own words. And that was when I realized at the trial, I'm going to be found guilty. The first time the reality of my situation hit me was when they gave me twenty five the light. How do you send someone innocent to prison when you know I didn't do this. Once you meet me, you kind of can see that, you know I'm much more than just my case fifty eight years in prison or crime he didn't commit. Frank Williams I'm so glad you're home. I'm surely right be home. We've covered over four hundred cases now and counting, and we're not going to stop until everyone who doesn't belong in prison is back home with their families. Listen to new episodes of Wrongful Conviction with Maggie Freeling and Jason Flamm starting January eighth on the iHeartRadio app, Apple podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts, and to hear episodes one week early with no ads, subscribe to Lava for Good Plus on Apple Podcasts